Unique handmade shoes to stand out from the crowd

Heidi Louise is an Adelaide based shoemaker.  Each shoe, sandal or boot is specially designed and handcrafted by Heidi Louise herself.

Heidi's bespoke and handmade footware selection are all created using the highest of quality materials to stand the test of time.  Her bright coloured, nature inspired designs will allow you to put your best foot forward and stand out in the crowd.

Presently, shoemakers are a rarity within Australia with only a small few remaining.  It is common practice these days for poor quality shoes to be mass produced in factories and imported. 


Heidi Louise refused to let her passion and knowledge for quality handmade shoes to die. 


If you love shoes and you love to have shoes that are rare, unique, crafty, edgy and customised then take a look at the all leather, handcrafted shoe range from Heidi Louise Shoemaker in Adelaide.


The handcrafted boots designed by Heidi Louise Shoemaker are created using only high quality leather, components, materials and tools. 

Heidi's handmade boots are made to last with a timeless style to suit your look for years to come.

Each boot is completely handmade, with inspiration drawn from nature, and cut by hand.  Only a small quantity of each design is made, sometimes only the one. 


It's time to step out with a unique look...

is good for the



The handmade leather sandals from Heidi Louise Shoemaker are comfortable, stylish and created to last.   

Heidi is a stickler for quality, both in materials and construction, which shines in every handmade sandal she produces.

Each sandal is made to order and completely handcrafted personally by Heidi in her Adelaide workshop. 

With inspiration drawn from natural materials, being touched by nature is good for the soul.

Take a look at the range of quality handmade leather sandals from Heidi Louise.

A touch of colour

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