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Heidi Louise, Adelaide shoemaker

Delivering handmade shoes, world wide.




How long will I need to wait for my order?


If you click on the item you would like it will take you to a product information page, which will give you an estimate of production times.


Each item is handmade by myself Heidi Louise and production times do vary depending on the item.


Some sandals are in stock and ready to ship.


I have found a shoe/boot I like but I would prefer a different colour, is that possible?


I can customise colours, heel height or style, and toe shapes depending on the design and what materials are available to me. 


You will need to contact me direct with what you have in mind.


Sandals are available in the colours listed in the product information page. I have a choice of average/narrow or wide fitting, and pointed or round toe shape.



The width and toe shape selection box won't drop down on the product page.


You will need to select a size and colour first


Which methods of payments can I use?


Payments can be made using paypal, which is the safest online payment method, you can use credit or debit cards. Or you can choose to pay be card which is processed by square. I don't receive any of your card details.


How long does it take to make a pair of shoes?

I get asked this question a lot and it is a difficult one to answer, obviously it varies depending on design and weather the feet are standard size or not. My estimate would be a flat basic sandal 6-12 hours, dress high heel sandal 20-30 hours, ballet flats 25-30 hours, shoes with enclosed heel and toe 30-35 hours, boots 40++ hours. I do tend to underestimate time so you could probably double that in some cases.



Why is hand made better than mass produced shoes?


Yes I could have my designs mass produced in a factory overseas. But for one thing I love making shoes and let's face it how many people can make there own shoes?


I also know once any item is mass produced for a higher profit margin the quality goes down hill, as I'm sure you would agree.


By making each item myself I control every process of production, from drawing the design to sending the shoes off to you. 


Can I track my order ?


Yes! Orders shipped within Australia will be sent by express post. Orders sent to other countries will be sent by the pack and track service.


Once your order has been shipped you will receive notification with your tracking number.


What if there is a problem with an item that I order?


There is no middle man, you are dealing with me from start to finish. Therefore, in the unlikely event that there is any problem, it can easily be resolved by contacting me directly.

I take care with every item that I make and use the best available quality materials, so I stand by my products. 



How do I know what size to order?

Each listing has a size conversion chart on the information page. When you make a purchase I will email you to confirm details of your order.

For sandals I send a template that you can print and stand on to check the size.


For boots and shoes I will send details of how to measure so that I can make sure the size is correct for you.

Contact Heidi Louise, Adelaide shoemaker

with any other questions.

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