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Leather Craft Workshops

Heidi has been teaching a number of leather craft workshops at W.E.A in Adelaide since 2015. Some of her workshops include Simple Sandal Making, Thongs & Slides, Moccasin's and Leather Decorating. While she is still teaching regularly at the W.E.A. She is planning other workshops including Espadrilles, Woodlands Boot and Leather Tripod Stool these are still in the planning stage but if you are interested please be sure to join my mailing list (below).

 Leather craft workshops are the perfect opportunity to learn a new skill, meet new people, and have some handcrafted fun. In a relaxed environment allows you to explore your creativity and learn in a supportive and comfortable setting.

W.E.A Workshops

Workshops run at W.E.A. (Workers' Educational Association) 223 Angas St. Adelaide. 

Thongs & Slides

As a shoemaker, my passion lies in helping people create something that they can wear and be proud of. I offer an exciting and fulfilling workshop experience where you get to create, decorate, and construct your very own pair of thongs or slides. My goal is to make sure that you have fun while you learn a new skill and make something you can enjoy wearing. You will have the opportunity to get creative with leather stamping and dyeing techniques to make your new sandals as unique as you.

At the W.E.A 223 Angas St. Adelaide.

Leather Decorating

 I’m thrilled to share my passion with you. My 6-hour workshop is the perfect opportunity for anyone looking to learn the basics of leather stamping and other embellishments, as well as numerous dyeing techniques. You’ll leave with the skills and knowledge to create bespoke items you’ll be proud to show off. I provide all the tools and materials, and you can choose from a variety of kits to decorate, including belts, coin purse, purse, glasses case, small shoulder bag, or large shoulder bag.

At W.E.A. 223 Angas St. Adelaide

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Simple Sandal Making

Join me, Heidi Louise Shoemaker, for a fun and fulfilling day of sandal making! During the workshop, you will learn how to decorate and construct a continuous strap sandal that is fully adjustable. This means that even once completed, the sandal can be adjusted for swelling feet, growing feet, or tightening when the strap stretches. Share this experience with friends or family and leave with a pair of sandals you've made yourself!

At W.E.A. 223 Angas St. Adelaide

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