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Masi - Fijian Bark Cloth Clutch

Masi - Fijian Bark Cloth Clutch

Black leather clutch with Masi (Fijian Bark cloth), leather wrist strap.
Dimensions: 230mm x 130mm
fabric lining, and sturdy YKK zip.

For those that may wonder why I have used Fijian Bark Fabric when I live in South Australia.
My uncle lived and worked in Fiji for many years, and I was given this piece quite a while ago, I just love the natural, organic feel of it and the beautiful hand painted patterns. I have looked at it so many times and pondered what i could make with it. As a bag I think the neutral colors will go with almost any outfit.

This bag is ready to ship, no waiting period

  • Customizing Your Order

    Every item I sell is handmade by myself In Adelaide, South Australia. If you wish to customize in any way please contact me with the details, & I will be happy to discuss. For example sizes can be made to measure rather than standard size, higher or lower heel height, change heel shape or type of heel, change the toe shape or choose a different colour.


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